5 Methods for Dealing with Mud

In case you haven’t noticed, spring is on its way! As f333eb37923ef3e4cfd56a4fe911bfb1dog owners there is, however, one negative side to saying goodbye to winter.


It seems that dogs love mud almost as much as we hate it, and instinctively search out the most dirty places to play. It’s nearly impossible to keep your dog away from the mud, but here’s a few tips on how to deal with the messes.

  1. Create a clean-up station. Make a little mud-removing station close to your door. Have a pile of old towels, and a small container of water. Dunk each paw in the water and wipe it down before giving your dog free reign of the house.
  2. Buy some booties. Put a pair of booties on your dog to keep his paws clean. All you have to do is take them off when it’s time to come inside. Our favorite booties are the Pawz dog boots, which do an awesome job of staying put. You can pick some up right here at Ollu.
  3. Trim paw hair. If you’d rather not put booties on your dog, keeping your dog’s hair trimmed between the paw pads and around the foot will cut down on the amount of mud that accumulates.
  4. Try a towel bath. If your dog gets dirty all over, use a spray bottle to dampen your dog. Then give him a good rubdown with a towel. You’ll be amazed at how much mud is hiding in that fur.16db3b721cb18753568de66e1d686d96
  5. Embrace the mess.  I will never forget the time my dog came in covered with mud from head to toe, and then proceeded to shake. You can only imagine what the room looked like afterwards! I was faced with the choice to either cry or laugh, and decided to go with the latter. As Frozen advises, “Let it go!” and let your dog have some fun.

Don’t forget, for the muddier situations, you can always haul your dog to Ollu. Our waste-high tubs make bath time a breeze, plus you can leave the dirty footprints all over our floors instead of yours.

Happy demudding! :)

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